The ProSocial Valuation Service—Doing Good Better

The ProSocial Valuation Service is changing the world by changing what we measure and how we measure it. We unlock the promise of technology and big data to value what has widely been considered unmeasurable: social capital—a term we use broadly to refer to all types of positive outcomes for people and planet. At ProSocial Valuation, we call it “good.”

Backed by evidence-based research in which there is a proven correlation between a given intervention and a specific impact, we convert each unit of social capital into the universally-understood currency of money.

Our assessment of social capital accounts for positive, negative and independently occurring impacts.

This matters. The size and complexity of our social and environmental challenges mandates the most effective deployment of resources.

Measuring and communicating social impacts with the same rigor, transparency and clarity used to measure financial outcomes enables both funders and creators of social capital—including donors, philanthropists, sponsors and investors, as well as nonprofits, NGOs, governments and social enterprises—to do good better.

Lots of firms measure ROI. Only the ProSocial Valuation Service fills the gap in measuring ROP: Return on Purpose.