Multi-Capital Thinking Is The New Norm 

Financial reporting is not enough on its own for most stakeholders. And, while many companies now produce ESG reports and generate mountains of data, few are able to answer the question being asked internally and externally: how much social capital do we create?
As demands for transparency increase and as more customers, employees and investors look to companies for not just good value but good values, businesses which go beyond compliance reports to communicate the full range of capital they create, will have an advantage.
The ProSocial Corporate Report is this next-generation valuation and communications tool. Produced by the independent ProSocial Valuation Service, it closes the information gap giving customers, employees, investors and communities the information they want.
Many companies create social capital but don’t think of it in those terms. For example, they may have an employee volunteer program or conduct a cause-marketing promotion that raises awareness and millions of dollars for a nonprofit. They may buy a high-profile soccer sponsorship and use the platform and signage to call attention to racism in the sport. While these investments were made to accomplish business objectives, they may also create social capital. But, until the social capital created is identified, valued and communicated, a company will not get credit. And, companies that do the best job of promoting purpose rather than the ones with the most purposeful initiatives, will be rewarded.

The ProSocial Corporate Valuation is a game-changer. We identify where value lives, pull data across departments and value all ProSocial initiatives so the company can get full credit for all the good it does.