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Writings and Research on Measuring Good, Social Capital, Brand Purpose and the Fourth Sector Home Game: A Ball Can Change the World, by Mel Young & Peter Barr, 2019 Palaces…

Toolbox: Types of Relationships Between Businesses and Nonprofits

As the value of social good initiatives has increased, so has the complexity governing relationships between businesses and nonprofits, the terms used to describe them, and the points of entry.…

From Fundraising to Hands-On Solutions: ProSocial Initiatives in Sports and Entertainment

Pop icons, sports organizations, festival impresarios, athletes and celebrities have been using their reach and influence to raise money for social good for more than five decades. Today’s programs go…

Current Ways of Measuring Good are Broken

The decisions we make depend on what we measure, how good our measurements are and how well our measures are understood. If our measurements are flawed, decisions will be distorted. Currently, the metrics on which we currently base assessments of organizations and programs deigned to create social progress, are broken.

How Good Amplifies the Value of Any Partnership

Businesses that mean more, make more.

And sponsors which dedicate a portion of their activation budget to improving people and planet, almost always out-perform sponsors without a purpose-based overlay.

Purpose can take many forms—breaking down barriers for disabled athletes and normalizing views on disabled sport, combatting childhood obesity, empowering disadvantaged communities, and much more.

Tipping Point: Good is the New Black

The Market for Good Is Skyrocketing. Values are shifting. It is no longer enough to be the best in the world, organizations must now also be best for the world.